This is a beta version and subject to change without notice. Pricing, terms, conditions and availability may change in the final version.

You need to be registered as a developer and have credentials to access Trackunit Manager. If you do not have that talk to your Trackunit representative. If you have an existing username for Trackunit Manager remember to include that in the request.
Trackunit will then make sure to enable the developer console inside manager that allows you to manage your Iris Apps.

The Iris App SDK needs certain tools to be on your machine:

  • Node LTS (version 20.12.2)
  • NX version 18.3.3
  • Git
  • WSL (Windows only)

To manage versions we recommend using something like Volta or similar to install node and nx.

We don't have any requirements on IDE but highly recommend Visual Studio Code with the following vscode extensions.

Developers working on a Windows PC, should use WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux).
You can find more information about NodeJS development on Windows here,
and information on getting started with VS Code on WSL here.