How to submit an Iris App SDK



This is a beta version and subject to change without notice. Pricing, terms, conditions and availability may change in the final version.

Submitting an Iris App SDK will allow you to offer the app to customers to download and use.

This guide assumes you've completed the getting started guide.

  1. Open a Terminal or Command window and enter the build command (nx run [name-of-your-app]:build) to build your Iris App SDK.
npx nx run [name-of-your-app]:build
  1. Verify the Name and Version number in the package.json in the dist/apps/[name-of-your-app]. When the Iris App SDK is submitted, the name and version fields combine to create a unique identifier for the app.
"name": "[name-of-your-app]"
"version": "1.0.0",
  1. Enter the submit command (nx run [name-of-your-app]:submitApp) to submit your app for approval.
npx nx run [name-of-your-app]:submitApp
  1. A browser will open, asking you to authenticate your ID. Use your Trackunit manager credentials to authenticate your ID. It will inform you your device is activated.

    By device it refers to the command line interface.

  2. Once the submit is complete it will show

πŸš€ Uploaded the app package version 1.0.0.


Nice to know

Remember to bump the version number inside apps/[name-of-your-app]/package.json before you build and submit!

It is not possible to submit the same version multiple times.