Use our Iris App SDK to develop Trackunit custom applications. Empower the construction indstry, and deliver best-in-class experiences within Trackunit's ecosystem.



This is a beta version and subject to change without notice. Pricing, terms, conditions and availability may change in the final version.

What is Iris App SDK?

Iris App SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of tools and guidelines that allow you to create Iris Applications that integrates with the Trackunit Manager) User Interface.

Iris App SDK allows you to:

  • Custom tailored experience: Iris Apps can show exactly the data relevant for you or automate workflows. For example, and Iris App can show a digital twin of a specific machine model.

  • Share Data Across Tools: Iris Apps add context and give a fuller picture of a user's business, integrate 3rd party products into Trackunit Manager, or integrate Trackunit data with 3rd party products. An app can let Trackunit users engage with their customer records in your CRM, balance statements, or display fleet information.

Iris App SDK also allows you to extend the Trackunit Manager User Interface by using multiple extension points.

With UI (User Interface) extensions, users can interact with your app inside Trackunit Manager or use Iris REST APIs to interact with Trackunit's ecosystem (e.g., using webhooks or reading and writing data).