Location API - Introduction

Discover the power of our Location API, your key to effortlessly accessing and tracking real-time GPS coordinates for your entire fleet of connected assets.
With two convenient endpoints at your disposal, you can choose to retrieve precise location snapshots for a specific asset or access a paginated list containing all your assets.
Perfect to sync latest asset location data to any other system.


Also access location data for an Asset via the GraphQL API

Via the Public GraphQL API, you can utilize query capabilities to fetch 'location' data together with other asset data in one API call. Explore the GraphQL schema through our GraphQL Explorer. Follow the 'asset' entry point and select 'locations'.

This API delivers location data in the GeoJson format and the Geometry type is chosen to always be point, which serves the coordinates.
The coordinates array consists of two or three coordinates, in fixed order: longitude, latitude, optionally altitude:

  • First: longitude value in range -180.0 to 180.0
  • Second: latitude value in range -90.0 to 90.0
  • Third: elevation in meters above mean sea level (not available for assets with Bluetooth tags)

Additionally location properties provide meta data including:

  • accuracy: Accuracy of the GPS location in radial meters
  • heading: Heading of the asset (not available for assets with Bluetooth tags)
  • locationAddress: Consists of street, zip code, city and country
  • speed: Speed of the asset, km/h (not available for assets with Bluetooth tags)
  • updatedAt: Date and time when the location was registered

If you are interested in fetching historical location data for a certain asset, then check out the location time-series endpoint of our Export ISO 15143-3 / AEMP 2.0.

Rate Limiting

To get more information about rate limiting see Rate & Size Limiting.

  • Get locations - one request per second for specific page and user
  • Get location - one request per second for specific asset id and user