Search & Filter with the Trackunit Search Engine

In the Trackunit Iris platform we have integrated the Trackunit Search Engine powered by Elasticsearch with our GraphQL API. This provides a powerful way for you to enhance your query capabilities. By utilizing Elasticsearch as a data source within the GraphQL ecosystem, you can efficiently filter and retrieve the exact data from your fleet that you need.

When you initiate a GraphQL query, you can leverage Elasticsearch's robust querying capabilities, including full-text search, filtering, sorting, and aggregation. By structuring your GraphQL queries with relevant Elasticsearch filters, such as range queries, term queries, or boolean queries, you can precisely narrow down the data to be retrieved.

Trackunit Search engine drawing

This integration empowers you to harness the performance and scalability of Elasticsearch while enjoying the flexibility and ease of use provided by GraphQL, resulting in a dynamic and efficient data retrieval experience.