Single-element snapshot

Gets the single-element snapshot of the latest available telematics data.

URL:/Fleet/Equipment/ID/{OEM ISO identifier}

Single-element snapshot provides the snapshot of the latest available telematics data for a single equipment identified by the OEM ISO identifier parameter. Response format is the same as for Fleet snapshot.


OpenAPI Specification for the Export ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) domain

Get the OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger), which is a standardized format that describes the functionalities, endpoints, parameters, and data models of this API in a JSON file here.

Request summary

  • OEM ISO identifier (PIN or VIN). The PIN shall be as defined by ISO 10261. PIN is used for earth-moving machinery and may be used for other types of off-road machines. The VIN shall be as defined by ISO 3779. VIN is used for on-road vehicles.

Sample response

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