Instant Query

The instant query endpoint allows you to evaluate an instant query for a specific asset and a given point in time. You provide a PromQL query string that defines the metric or calculation you want to perform. The result of the query will be a single value or a set of values for the specified timestamp.

The response from the instant query endpoint includes the result of the query, which can be of different types such as matrix, vector, scalar, or string. The format of the result depends on the type and may include additional metadata such as labels or timestamps.

Result types:

  • Matrix: A two-dimensional data structure representing multiple entries per time series data. Enables working with multiple data series simultaneously.
  • Vector: A one-dimensional data structure representing a single entry per time series.
  • Scalar: A single value, typically a number or boolean. Used when the query produces a single aggregated value or a specific metric attribute.
  • String: Text-based information. Used for retrieving metadata, labels, or descriptive information related to a metric.

These result types allow for flexibility in representing and working with different types of data in an instant query. Choose the appropriate result type based on your specific use case to extract the desired information or perform calculations on the returned data.


Subscription requirement

The Time Series API is only available to customers on the Evolve & Expand or the Link, Lift & Leap subscription packages. Data retention limits follow the chosen subscription package.


OpenAPI Specification for the Time Series API domain

Get the OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger), which is a standardized format that describes the functionalities, endpoints, parameters, and data models of this API in a JSON file here.

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