Telematics Device API - Introduction

The Telematics Device API offers seamless access to a rich array of features meticulously crafted to facilitate device information retrieval and configuration management, enabling effortless maintenance and oversight of a fleet of telematic devices. By leveraging the Telematics Device API, developers gain the ability to programmatically manage their devices, effortlessly update configurations, and track the progress of desired configurations on each device. Moreover, the API provides developers with access to detailed device state documentation, empowering them to identify and explore untapped configuration opportunities

The document is intended for developers, who wants to integrate systems, write client libraries or other interactions on an API-level.

Example use cases:

  • Keep an overview of device distribution on your assets --> GET list of devices identity
  • Build a UI to change CAN profiles of your devices --> GET reported state and UPDATE device state
  • Add device state documentation to explorer configuration options --> GET device documentation