Time Series API v1

Released stable version v1 of Time Series API - Supercharge your data exploration with advanced querying capabilities using PromQL!

Discover the power of our new Time Series REST API, your gateway to a wealth of machine insights and advanced sensor data. Designed to empower your exploration of time series data, our new API offers seamless access to endpoints that can be queried using PromQL.

Below a list of all available endpoints:

GET: /time-series/v1/assets/{assetId}/prometheus/api/v1/query

Get for instant queries

POST: /time-series/v1/assets/{assetId}/prometheus/api/v1/query

Post for instant queries

GET: /time-series/v1/assets/{assetId}/prometheus/api/v1/query_range

Get for range queries

POST: /time-series/v1/assets/{assetId}/prometheus/api/v1/query_range

Post for range queries

GET: /time-series/v1/assets/{assetId}/metrics

Get metrics