Custom Fields API

Released stable version v1 of Custom Fields API.

The Custom Fields API provides a way to define new fields in the Trackunit data model. Allowing to extend and customize Trackunit Manager. In this version 1 we support extending the data model of assets, accounts, groups and sites with new fields.

Below all available endpoints:

To define a custom field, you first need to add a definition using the API.

GET: /custom-fields/v1/definitions

Get definitions

POST: /custom-fields/v1/definitions

Create definition

PATCH: /custom-fields/v1/definitions/{definitionId}

Update definition

DELETE: /custom-fields/v1/definitions/{definitionId}

Delete definition

Use the Custom Fields Values API to set values on your defined custom fields

GET: /custom-fields/v1/values

Get values

POST: /custom-fields/v1/values

Create value

PATCH: /custom-fields/v1/values/{valueId}

Update value

DELETE: /custom-fields/v1/values/{valueId}

Delete value