Emissions API v2 Update

Introduced new version 2 Emissions API endpoints that removed the field 'estimationConfidence' from the response, in favour of 'dataSourceScore' for individual assets.

Added two new fields to v2 KPI endpoints 'averageDataSourceScore' and 'dataSourceScoreCompilation'.

  • averageDataSourceScore: The average score of the data source for the fleet or filtered assets.
  • dataSourceScoreCompilation: Sums the total of each score into a bucket.

Data Source Score is a new field that provides a score for the data source of the emissions data per asset. The score is a value between 0 and 100, where 0 is the lowest score and 100 is the highest score.
The Data Source Score documentation can be found here.

New Endpoints

GET: /v2/emissions/period

Get period

POST: /v2/emissions/period

Filter period

GET: /v2/emissions/period/kpis

Get period KPIs

POST: /v2/emissions/period/kpis

Filter period KPIs

POST: /v2/emissions/monthly

Filter monthly

GET: /v2/emissions/monthly/summary

Get monthly summary

POST: /v2/emissions/monthly/summary

Filter monthly summary

POST: /v2/emissions/lifetime

Filter lifetime

GET: /v2/emissions/lifetime/kpis

Get Lifetime KPIs

POST: /v2/emissions/lifetime/kpis

Filter Lifetime KPIs

POST: /v2/emissions/daily

Filter daily

GET: /v2/emissions/daily/summary

Get daily summary

POST: /v2/emissions/daily/summary

Filter daily summary

GET: /v2/emissions/daily/kpis

Get daily KPIs

POST: /v2/emissions/daily/kpis

Filter daily KPIs

GET: /v2/sites/{siteId}/emissions

Get site