Assets API v1

Released stable version v1 of Assets API.

Discover the power of our Assets API, your key to manage the asset domain. By leveraging the Assets API, developers can easily onboard and offboard assets to Trackunit Iris and get all assets in a fleet as well as update specifications for an asset. This API also allows to manage assets across accounts by enabling the share, transfer, unshare and remove visibility actions. For more information, see the documentation of the endpoints.

Below a list of all available endpoints:

GET: /asset/v1/assets

Get asset

GET: /asset/v1/assets

Get assets

POST: /asset/v1/assets/onboard

Onboard asset

POST: /asset/v1/assets/{assetId}/offboard

Offboard asset

GET: /asset/v1/assets/{assetId}/shares

List asset shares

PATCH: /asset/v1/assets/{assetId}

Update asset

POST: /asset/v1/assets/remove-visibility

Remove visibility

POST: /asset/v1/assets/share

Share assets

POST: /asset/v1/assets/transfer

Transfer assets

POST: /asset/v1/assets/unshare

Unshare assets